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This project grew out of the desire to run mod_perl 1.3 based code without
Apache.  I work on a project that's pretty integrated with mod_perl 1.3, but
with the Apache project end-of-lifing the Apache 1.3 series, we need an
migration path.  Since we've started to use nginx in our systems, it makes more
sense to see if we can move to a system that will let us connect our
application directly to nginx w/o having apache as an intermediary.

I am a rookie in a field of giants, but I hope that this can help others move
their projects to modern httpds and frameworks.


I've decided on a whim to push this up to github, but It needs a lot more
polish before I reccomend you try running it.  I will update this README with
the details of what it can do, and how you can run it.  

As is true of any perl library, testing this codebase will be essential.  I
hope that this project helps motivate me to try + expereiemnt with more testing
frameworks, an area I sorely need experience in (even being a perl 'dev' all
these years)

Ultimatly, you will configure this library by running a perl script that will
setup the mod_perl environment + request handlers, then start listening on the
fcgi socket.  I intend to provide a way to directly import portions of the
apache 1.3 config into this runtime.

Jason Jay Rodrigues

github project page